Dog Made The Ultimate Sacrifice And Saved His Owner’s Life

Saddest sacrifice, very sad story!

The chance of being struck by lighting is very rare maybe one to fifteen thousands, however the chances of surviving are about six hundred thousand to one. If the person survives , that is simply incredible.

This is what is happened to this man. He was with his friends out on a hike , when a sudden storm came. He was directly hit by lighting and he survived.


The reason for his survival is something most saddest and heart-breaking. He was helping his dog, and in that moment the lighting struck them. He was rushed to a hospital , and he couldn’t remember anything what happened after that.


Doctors told him that the main reason of his survival was his dog, because his dog was somehow observed most of the shock.

This poor dog died sacrificing himself for his owner. without him , the strike would’ve killed the man.


This dog was his real and best friend, he will forever remember him as the something best in his life, and as the angel guardia

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