10 reasons why playing is beneficial

10 reasons why playing is good for your dog 🔻

1️⃣ Games are irreplaceable during the period of the socialization of a puppy. A puppy that doesn’t play with other dogs might become fearful and/or aggressive towards them in adulthood.

2️⃣ If you are doing everything correctly, then it is while playing that your dog gets used to always looking at you, even when communicating with other dogs.

3️⃣ Playing is a great way to reward a dog for correct behavior.

4️⃣ Through playing, a bond between the owner and their dog forms.

5️⃣ Playing gives an opportunity to teach a dog just about anything.

6️⃣ You can correct undesirable behavior while playing.

7️⃣ Dogs explore the world and learn to control it through games. This means that playing helps them build up self-confidence.

8️⃣ A dog’s motivation and impulse-control are trained during playing.

9️⃣ Playing is an amazing cure to boredom.

🔟 Games help your dog improve his/her physical shape.

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