It’s very strange how much these furry little faces look like little bearded humans. Reddit user ‘Emceegrath’ shared this first picture, that people either admired or got themselves somehow freaked out by.

Humanlike Shih Tzu

A friend of a friend posted a pic on Facebook of her dog. It looks like it has a man’s face. from r/pics

One of the comments read: “But it’s not just his eyes. Look at that little grimace smile that can only come from a middle-aged man whose soul has been given to corporate.”

The teeth really make it


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I think she loves me… definitely a mummy’s boy 🐾😍

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Somehow the hairdo brings this little face together

This dog is judging you


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#humanfacedog ! Bom demais esse cão… Se eu pudesse eu adotava.

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Must be Mustache Movember

Let’s roll!


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Let. Us. Out!

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Bad hair day?

Tiny toothy sweetheart


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Monthly vet visit time! #goldendoodlepuppy #doodlesofinstagram #gooldendoodlesofinstagram

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So huggable


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I love when I get packages from @chewy ! #nomnomnom #fooddelivery #chewy #yum 🍗🍖😋 #chewyboxlove

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What a smile