It’s very risky to use ATMs at any time of the day, particularly at night. However, people who fear going to the ATM alone decided to take their protective guard dogs just made the right decision.

It’s effective and for some reason, people just go away when they just see them. Dogs take the position of “Don’t you dare to come near to my Hooman!” They just ask for a treat as a reward.

Pictures are going viral on the internet and people keep posting pictures with their dogs guarding them at the ATM.

Here are some dogs who took their job very seriously to protect their humans from any risk at the ATM.

#1 Don’t Even Think About It 

#2 Safety is guaranteed 

#3 Mind Your Own Business or I will bite the heck out of you

#4 Not from Any Side You Can Be Attacked

#5 Two bodyguards are enough for the best protection system

#6 Self-Protecting And Treat-Fed System

#7 Watching your back is my job

#8 The Little Guard Is Watching You, step back.

#9 My boys make it safer to use ATMs at night

#10 If you’re just trying 

#11 Tried, Tested, and Guaranteed Security

#12 Personal Guard

#13 Perfect Security Guard