14 Dogs Hanging Out With Their New Human Best Friends

Nothing adds purpose to a dog’s life like a new baby person to deal with.

1. Resisting the urge to howl with joy.

2. Cuddle puddle.

3. The best road trip buddy.

4. Find someone who talks about you the way these two check out each other.

5. Who needs a crib when you experience a Rottweiler?

6. “I’m drooling in your ear because I love you.”

7. Such a proud nanny.

8. Finally, someone else who understands the value of the good nap.

9. “Mine.”

10. “So how exactly does it make much noise?”

11. “You has a flavor?”

12. Identical triplets.

13. “Bring her closer! My nose doesn’t go that far!”

14. “When might it be ready to throw stuff for me personally?”

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