14 things to know before you start training your dog (part 1)


14 things you must know before you get to training your dog.
Part 1.

1️⃣ Nurturing and training are different.
Training is all about teaching commands, whereas nurturing is about teaching the dog the rules of behavior around people and other dogs.

2️⃣ In order for dogs to behave and follow commands, they need motivation. Motivation can be primary (eating and playing) and secondary (social motivation: being praised and petted).

3️⃣ You should always organize the training process starting with the easiest and ending with the most complicated tasks.

4️⃣ You should learn to pronounce the commands correctly, praise your dog in the right moment and be easily understood.

5️⃣ Dogs value predictability and consistency. What is allowed today is allowed at all times, and what is forbidden is always forbidden.

6️⃣ Make sure training sessions are short, so that your dog doesn’t get tired.