What do you think about volunteering at an animal shelter? A large number of animals need care, love, and a forever family. Volunteers are the most important part of the shelter, many shelters are filled with animals with not enough funds.

Below, you will find selected photos taken by the workers of animal shelters to make you appreciate how great it is to be beside these incredible furry balls. After seeing them, you will -for sure- be motivated to go and volunteer at the nearest shelter to your home.

The job will make you happy as much as you are when hanging out with animals. But with duties and tasks to do alongside the fun. Fundraising, administration, and even cleaning kennels from poop, there is much more to do than just snuggling with puppies and kittens.

Enjoy scrolling!

1- She was raped and diagnosed with PTSD 7 years ago, then she started to work with wolves as a therapy. Now, she is running her own wolf sanctuary and had recovered more than she ever imagined.

2. Fluffy Fur Ball Look Is Just Awesome

3. Rescue Shelter Volunteer while napping with her kittens

4. This Is How Working At An Animal Sanctuary Looks Like

5. You Turn Around To Find These Beauties Looking At You Like That

6. The Kansas City Missouri Animal Shelter Team Members While Happily Celebrating Empty Kennels!

7. Such A Busy Morning

8. One of the volunteers’ daughter was trying to help but…

9. What is better than this look right into your eyes!

10. What do you think about this Little Purr-ito

11. Senior cats visiting seniors is a great activity in this shelter

12. This dog is obviously teaching the guy how to smile properly

13. Meet Sunflower!

14. Fox is in love with this worker

15. You will be stopped from finishing your job for some cute reasons

16. They are using each other as pillows