16 Dogs With Adorably Huge Ears

Dogs With Adorably
Dogs With Adorably

Shoutout to the quirky dog DNA that gave these puppers their delightfully enormous ears.

1. “I’m all ears.”

2. Somehow she’s still pretending she can’t hear you.

3. If you thought you implemented a puppy, nevertheless, you actually helped bring home a bat.

4. “I hear you considering presenting me a snacko.”

5. You gonna scroll past without stating howdy?

6. Ears for times.

7. Have a look at these high quality listening devices.

8. Moments from taking flight.

9. Small hand or big ears? Cute either way.

10. “I must listen to you chew, and you are not even heading to talk about?”

11. “I’m not begging. You’d know easily were begging.”

12. Satellite-free radar.

13. “No, I haven’t seen my ears, but I’ve been told good things.”

14. When your ears are like 1/5th of the body.

15. They said she’d grow into them. These were wrong.

16. Simply earresistible.