These lucky dogs that found their forever homes are always thankful for the love and kindness showed to them. Just take a look at these pictures before and after adoption and it’s obvious how happy these dogs are to have been adopted:

1. German Shepherd’s sad eyes are now so happy.

2. The malnourished dog is currently happy and healthy.

3. See the confidence transformation!

4. The scared, poor dog is now happy and smiling!

5. Sick, sad, and abandoned boxer glows with happiness and health.

Flying with your dog

6. Sad puppies transformation by love and care.

7. Malnourished and afraid transformed into a bright white beauty.

8. Horrified puppy transformed into a joyful camper

9. This fur baby just wanted some love.

I got a dog.. and regretted it

10. Sad together, happy together!

11. Sad face transformation to a ‘thank you’ face.

12. Please take me with you, I love you.

13. We need you as much we each other.

Nothing More Adorable & Relaxing Than Watching Sleeping Dogs & Cats

14. The transformation from I’m so scared to I’m so happy!

15. From such a sad messy dog to a cute little one.

16. Sad mug to cutest toothy muggles.

17. Being adopted transformed him as if it’s not even the same dog!

18. Thank you for giving me another chance!