Dogs and kids can be perfect friends with the proper connection and some guidance from you. Children have to be taught how to deal with other creatures and to be kind, responsible, and accountable. Getting them a dog will make these lessons easier.

Dogs clearly love to have an active -like them- companion that can keep them entertained all the time. However, they see babies annoying sometimes. So, you have to always teach them respect and care.

Personal space, petting properly, and letting dogs eat freely and peacefully are some stuff that you have to teach your kids to do. You can’t risk your child getting a bite, so, teach them these lessons properly. Just like us, dogs can be patient a lot, but they will break down at some point if they are in a lot of pressure as well.

However, dogs and kids have a lot of things in common which is an unusual incident. They can make the best friendships in the world! Enjoy scrolling down to see some adorable pictures and GIFs we compiled below of some dogs and babies best friends.

1. Human Cold. Must Cover

2. A Girl And Her Pup

3. We’ve Been Looking For A Buddy For Our 10 Year Old Son For A Few Weeks And Yesterday We Found The Perfect Match!

4. Dog Was Sad About The Cone, Thankfully Someone Was Willing To Cheer Him Up

5. Samoyed Puppy And Baby, Partners In Crime

6. Life Of Friendship Ahead Of Those Two

7. When She Comes Home From A Long Day At School, Having A Bad Day, Been Told Off Or Sad… She Cuddles Her Best Friend

8. My Daughter Wanted To Be A Sheepdog For Halloween

9. My 7-Month-Old Son Was Sitting Playing When My Wife’s Great Pyreneese Walked Up And Sat Beside Him. One Of The Greatest Moments That I’m Thankful To Have Captured

10. Doggo Can’t Stand When My Son Goes To School. She Sat On Him This Morning So He Wouldn’t Leave

11. He Doesn’t Look Anything Like Us

12. My Son And Our Dog 20 Minutes After We Adopted Her

13. I Think We Found Our Babysitter

14. Even If My Son So Much As Cries, He Rushes In To Save His Life. Best Buds

15. My Son’s Always Been A Hugger. My Dog Wasn’t Totally Comfortable With That At First, But He’s Come Around

16. 3 Years Of Friendship

17. My Daughter Is Home With A Fever. Puppy Therapy Has Commenced

18. My Pup And I, Circa 1988

19. These Two Are Inseparable