25 Cute Overweight Dogs That Incredibly Lost Weight

Obesity is a disease that comes to dogs just like any other disease. And you have to consider taking care of him and be careful he can’t get obese. Obesity also causes dogs poor health and a lot of many more problems. So, you have to monitor your dog’s consumption of food and if he got overweight you have to make them lose weight and become fit.

So, we have compiled you some of the best before and after photos of obese dogs that lost weight in an incredible transformation of happy and healthy dogs. All of this would have not happen without the help of their dedicated owners and vets.

1. This dog owner hasn’t been able to walk her dog for a year, he became obese, but this is how he became after the transformation.

2. After a great diet, Dennis lost 79% of his weight!

3. Look how confident he is!

4. Can you see how far I’ve come?

5. From Thick To Thin

6. He was 86, now he is 44 pounds

7. This boy looks extremely different!

8. 2-year-old dog was adopted 6 months ago and she has successfully lost 10 pounds

9. From 107 pounds to 81 Zeus!

10. We are very proud of Reba for losing half of her weight!

11. With 1 pound lost every week, she has become very active!

12. from 19 pounds to 8 in one year!

13. He has lost more than 70 pounds!

14. Gracie was getting so much weight, but she returned to another dog after losing weight in 5 months!

15. After losing half of his weight

16. 10 months and 22 pounds difference

17. Wolfgang back June and now from November

18. Before: 39 – After: 22

19.  Lighter weight, same huge personality.

20. It’s easier to carry Squishy now!

Photo credit: builtbyjimmy

21. Scarlet and Simba before and after

22. Duke after losing half of his weight

23. Shiloh couldn’t walk more than 30 feet before losing weight, now he can walk 1km!

24. Kayla after stopping being addicted to pizza!

25. Ruby’s changed from 24 pounds to 15.

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