7 Dog Breeds With the Highest Rate of Cancer

7 Dog Breeds With the Highest Rate of Cancer
By Alfred Charlton

Cancer can miserably strike any breed of dog at any age, studies have proved that there are certain breeds who have a higher rate of cancer. According to the experts, even the strongest breeds of dogs in the world are vulnerable to this life-threatening disease. Here is the list of breeds having greater incidences of cancer than other breeds.

Cancer Prone Dog Breeds

1) Rottweiler: These are one of the huge and powerful breeds, known for their strength. Unfortunately, they are prone to major health issues and have a higher rate of bone cancer than any other breed of dog. Thus, they need a lot of mental and physical exercise to minimize the risk of cancer.

2) Bernese Mountain Dog: These long and confident dogs also have high cancer rates. Bernese mountain dogs require a moderate exercise to prevent heat stroke in them. They are mostly affected between the age of 6-9 years. They face some serious health problems, including Canine hip Dysplasia, Gastric Torsion and Elbow Dysplasia.

3) Bouvier Des Flandres: These bold dogs are famous for being fearless and generally consider for farm work. They are also one of the top breeds having higher rates of cancer. They are also prone to many health conditions, including Heart Disease, Elbow Dysplasia, Glaucoma and Canine hip Dysplasia.

4) German Shepherd: They are considered as an intelligent and versatile dog breed. German shepherds are used for a variety of purposes, including as a police dog and as our companion. This breed dog is among those with a high rate of risk. These dogs lead to many types of cancers and Hemangiosarcoma is one of the most common type. These breeds require frequent training sessions to keep their bodies and minds active.

5) Great Dane: These breeds are larger and known for their graceful appearance and hunting skills. Like others, they also have a high rate of cancer and suffers from many other serious health conditions, including Cardiomyopathy, Osteosarcoma and Gastric Torsion.

6) Labrador Retriever: These are one of the friendly and loyal dog breeds. They do, however, have some of the highest cancer rates. The Labrador retriever has a tendency to retain weight, so it is necessary to keep them active and fit throughout their lives.

7) Bichon Frise: This is one of the smallest and the cutest breed among all. They are known for their playful nature and cheerful attitude. The Bichon Frise is prone to health issues, including Liver Disease, Allergies and Patellar Luxation. They are also at a higher risk of cancer, so it is crucial to detect the signs of cancer at the earliest stage to improve their health condition.

Experts suggest taking your dogs to a reliable animal hospital for a complete physical examination at least once a year to ensure a healthy lifestyle of your dogs.

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