7 Dog Grooming Tips to Keep Your Dog Clean & Healthy

If you are a new dog parent and want your dog to look beautiful all the time, then you have clicked on the right blog. Grooming your dog is vital for your dog’s health. It does not only make them look and smell good, but it also keeps them physically fit. However, as a new dog parent, you must understand that grooming is not just about giving your dog a bubble bath. You will have to learn certain things to ensure that your dog is staying clean and healthy. So, grab your dog nail grinder (which you can get from organixpets.com/products/dog-nail-grinder) and other grooming products and follow the below mentioned grooming tips to keep your dog look clean and healthy.

Brush Them to Keep Their Skin and Fur Healthy

It is very important for a dog owner to regularly brush their dog’s coat as it removes debris, dirt, dead hair, and other harmful tiny objects. It also helps redistribute the natural oil to all their body hair, making them look shiny and fresh. If you have a long-haired pooch, then brushing its hair often will ensure that its hair doesn’t get tangled. You can use a metal comb for brushing but make sure that you use it gently.

Trim Their Nails Regularly

You don’t want your dog walking with long nails because not only will it keep them dirty, but they can also scratch someone accidentally. It is recommended that you trim the nails of your dog regularly. How often you should do it depends entirely on the type of dog you own. For some dogs, trimming is necessary every two weeks, while for others, you will have to wait for five to six weeks. Also, if you are squeamish about cutting your dog’s nails with a clipper, then you can use a nail grinder instead, which is much safer to use.

Always Prepare the Bathroom in Advance

If you want to clean your dog thoroughly, then you must prepare the bathroom in advance because once it gets in the bathtub, you would not have time for other things. Most dogs get a bit jumpy when they are receiving a bath. So get the shampoo, towels, and other necessary things before you bring your dog in the bathroom. Once you have gotten everything in order, bring in your dog and close the door behind so he doesn’t go running away wetting your house.

Brush Their Teeth Everyday

Oral hygiene is also important and can be the difference between a healthy and a lazy dog. It is recommended that you brush your dog’s teeth at least once a day. This will take the food particles out of their mouth and will give them a healthy smile. You should not use regular toothbrushes and toothpaste that we humans use to clean your dog’s teeth as the ingredients in it can prove harmful for them. So go for oral products that are made especially for dogs. You might have a bit of trouble brushing your dog’s teeth in the beginning, but it will get easier once he gets used to it.

Clean Their Ears

It is vital for dog owners to regularly clean their dogs’ ears so that they don’t catch any infection. It is advised that you clean your dog ears thoroughly every month to protect them against such infections. If your dog has bigger or longer ears, then you should clean them more often as they accumulate dust and other tiny particles easily and quickly. It would be best if you used a dog ear cleaning solution and must clean their ear gently. If you are using cotton swabs, only use them on the outside and don’t put them inside the ear canal as they can push the way further.

Always Keep Grooming Wipes Around

No one has the time to wash their doctor twice every day. If you want them to stay clean all the time, then you should keep some grooming wipes around you all the time. You will often find that your dog has some gunk on it like tear stains, dirty paws, or boogers in their eyes. Grooming wipes for dogs can come in quite handy in these situations as they are quite effective. They are designed specifically for dogs and can clean them in just a few seconds.

Use Treats

One of the major problems one faces while grooming a dog is that it’s hard to keep them in one position. They will always be poking and grabbing you, and the job will feel impossible. If you want your dog to stay put when you are grooming it, you should give them a treat whenever they are good. This will make them understand that their good behavior will be rewarded, so they will stay more disciplined.

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