9 Dogs With Completely Adorkable Smiles

Dogs love to look up at us with wide eyes and wide open mouths. Even if we know they aren’t actually smiling, it sure looks like they are sometimes. Here are 17 doggos with some of the most delightfully adorkable smiles we’ve ever seen.

1. This dog, who looks as shocked by how adorable this face is as you are.

2. This dog, who took the phrase “turn your frown upside down” a little too literally.

3. This dog, who is snuggling his teddy the same way everyone who sees this picture wants to snuggle him.

4. This dog, who clearly mastered the dorky smile as a puppy and can only be described as a prodigy.

5. This dog, who deeply understands how happy we all feel when it’s time to snack.

6. This dog, who, just like the rest of us, can’t stop looking at his own perfect, giant nose.

7. This dog, who has the lolling tongue thing down pat.

8. These two dogs, who are double adorbs for the price of one.

9. This dog, who may or may not have teeth, but definitely, 100% has adorkable-appeal.

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