No Dog Left Behind Minnesota rescued Sara from a dog farm and took her after delivering to many litters. She was pregnant when she came to the shelter and the breeders abandoned her as they claimed she is a “bad mother”. However, when her puppies were born, the rescuer said that this is definitely not true!

She has been an amazing mother from the beginning. She adores her puppies and takes good care of them. She puts her puppies in the hand of their new adoptive family and takes care of them and checks on them, always.

Photo credit: Stephanie Easley

Lately, the shelter discovered an abandoned litter of puppies under a building. They took them to take care of them and check if they are fine.

They started to bottle-feed them, they were so weak and small. The rescuers were anxious that they may need more care. So, they thought of Sara.

And because of her maternal instinct, the rescue manager decided to combine them together to make a new incredible family.

Photo credit: Stephanie Easley

To give the 4 puppies the best possible care, they decided to give them the mother dog as they hoped that she will take care of them just like her own babies.

They were not sure it was a good idea, yet when Sara just met the newborn puppies, the love started to bloom! She knew what she has to do exactly.

Sara has been taking care of and cleaning the puppies since she first met them as if they are her own babies. She adopted these small babies and considered them her family and now they are her babies regardless she delivered them or not.

Photo credit: Stephanie Easley

Although the puppies she delivered are older than the new babies, they have accepted the new family members and they were totally fine with them.

No one is actually sure about their breed, there is an expectation that they might be pit bull, but it will be clear when they grow older.

Photo credit: Stephanie Easley

Due to Sara’s care and love, the puppies found a great mother. They are in a big happy family now. They will stay together until they find their forever loving families, hopefully.