Aggressive behavior in dogs

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Usually, when we raise puppies, we concern about their diet, lifestyle and willingness to perform our commands. “Bravery” of little doggies  doesn’t bother us, but when small puppies grow up and become aggressive and uncontrolled, it becomes a huge problem.

Increased dog’s aggressiveness is caused by several reasons: poor breeding, poor maintenance at an early age and poor education. Excessive punishment, attacks of other dogs, improper and unjustified praise, lack of communication with people, lack of exercises –  all of this leads  to bad behavior of dogs.

Territorial aggression

In the process of growing up dogs start to think that the yard, car or a house is their territory. Having dominating instincts, our pets don’t want other dogs and strangers enter their territory.Moreover, if a dog is on a leash, it can strengthen his aggressiveness.

Defensive aggression

“Cowardly – aggressive” dogs try to avoid dangerous people and places. These dogs have an unstable temperament and weak nervous system. It might be because of bad breeding, lack of communication and bad experience in socializing with other dogs.

Coward-aggressive dogs are very unpredictable in their behavior.They demonstrate the posture of submission: turned back ears, head down, hiding the tail between legs. They try to avoid a direct gaze and lick hands. However, they bite people, who turn their backs to them, because of fear.

If your dog is afraid of people on the street, this is an alert sign. Ask you friends to come to you during the walking and give something delicious to the dog. After some time he will get used to people and won’t be afraid of them.

Hunting aggression

Modern dogs are still wolves somewhere n the depths of the soul. They have hunting instincts and desire to catch and kill the “lunch”. Predatory aggression is a very serious problem! Such aggression encourages the dog to make serious harm and to kill everything, what seems to be a victim. You must have the authority to stop a dog during the chase.

Sexual aggression

Males of all species are characterized by sexual aggression, which means a fight for being a father for the next generation. Male dog’s conflict is only the demonstration of threats. However, if owners interfere, dogs can start to attack.

Maternal aggression

Even docile female dogs can become very aggressive, trying to protect their puppies. This type of aggression usually decreases when puppies grow up.

Playing aggression

During games small dogs try to establish hierarchical relationships between each other. They work on hunting skills, defense and attack, importance of vocal, mimic and pantomimic signals. And what is very important for future, they form relations with other dogs and animals.

Acquired aggression

Tendency to aggressive behavior can also be genetically determined, but not always dogs show their aggression. It often happens that the dog sees that aggressive behavior can help him to achieve something, and then he is using it again. In such case you can be a leader-owner and control your dog’s aggressiveness.

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