Sometimes animals make very strange and unusual friendships. We all know that especially dogs can make friends with any creature, or even objects. Let’s see, it’s interesting to see dogs making friends with other animals, such as an ELEPHANT! at Chiang Mai’s Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.

This annoying dog gets a real kick for getting the elephant’s attention.

Definitely, he’s only somewhat quicker than the little elephant and darts away effectively when the elephant tries to get him. The little gray elephant appears to be entirely certain that he can get the dog and doesn’t get disheartened without any problem. In the interim, the older elephants watch on, watching out for the little elephant.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Art C

The dog seems arrogant the way he mocks the little elephant.

That is to say, I’ve had dogs do likewise to me, it’s one of their preferred games; choose something that would never get you and bother it into pursuing you. Much the same as stupids.

Watch this in detail in the video below!