Some dogs simply have a talent for hiding. Regardless of whether it’s a poodle on a shag rug, a brilliant golden retriever in a pile of leaves, or a Samoyed in the day off, can make the most astounding optical illusions.

If you’ve at any point walked around your home for what feels like multiple times searching for your other shoe, just to discover it was directly before you the entire time, at that point be set up to experience that feeling once you detect the dogs covered up in these photographs.

1. Let’s start with a difficult one.


2. On the trails again…

3. AMAZING natural camouflage!

4. When you see it.

5. A tree? A branch? A….DOG!

6. This is actually hard.

7. The lovely nature.

8. Tricky level…

9. Daisy LOVER

James O’Donnell Photography

10. Unusual!

11. I spy…

12. Professionals level.


Just some more…


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