Being a little puppy in a shelter might be somehow unhealthy, uncomfortable, and scary.

Unfortunately, a 5-week-old puppy litter was neglected and in the end, it was brought to a local shelter.

A kindhearted woman who is the president of Pit Sisters knew about the puppies’ sad situation and decided to help them all.

Jean Deane, the present of Pit Sisters decided to take them to the local shelter and the vet to take care of them and get them the proper medical attention they need.

The cute puppies took a bath and healed from worms and they got very happy and in good health condition.

They were eleven identical puppies! They all had the same color and the cute floppy ears. However, one of them was somehow different, she had curly that looks like cinnamon rolls.

Cutest Puppy Has Strange Ears Looking Like Cinnamon Rolls

People were shocked by the adorable ears of her, and they named her Cinnamon for that.

Deane decided to share the adorable puppy with the whole world so she posted the pictures on social media. It went viral so quickly for the adorable feature of the pup. The whole world knew about the adorable dog, and he got adopted so fast!

The unusual-looking dog’s name is Kira and lives in St. John’s, Florida, with her mother and father. She also has adorable 3 siblings that she loves a lot.