Danger at home: toxic plants for dogs

Let’s talk about plants that are dangerous for our dogs🐶

You might have noticed that dogs, just like cats, love eating grass and plants, both outside and at home. And that’s exactly why it’s so important for you to know what kind of plants might end up being poisonous for your pet.

❌1. Narcissuses (their bulbs and leaves contain toxic alkaloids) – and they can be dangerous for humans and animals, including dogs. You can identify alkaloid poisoning by excessive salivation, vomiting, diarrhea and problems connected to the nervous system.

❌2. Tulips – their bulbs contain lactones that are strong contact allergens to both humans and animals. They can cause dermatitis.

❌3. Kalanchoe – like almost all succulents, this plant can cause poisoning in dogs.

❌4. Chrysanthemums – there are no scientific explanations as to what exactly in these flowers causes poisoning in animals, but allergic reactions are very common.

❌5. Lilies – almost all types of lilies are very toxic for cats and dogs. They cause severe poisoning and damage the nervous system.

❌6. Euphorbia – these plants contain a lot of nutrients that are used for medical purposes in humans, but are toxic to animals (most probably because of a high concentration of coumarins).

Do you grow any of these plants at home?

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