Do all huskies try to escape?

Do all huskies try to escape?

Huskies are expert escape artists, there’s no denying it. This is something many husky owners are experienced with, and something that many breeders warn new husky owners about. We even had to send the breeder photos of our fences and yard before we could get Logan. But the myth that all huskies will try to escape is something that is mostly untrue.

While Huskies are great at finding ways out of a yard, it’s important to note that they will usually only try to do this if they are bored or under-stimulated. Huskies don’t have an insatiable need to get over that fence.

The Husky-Proof Fence

That being said cats and other dogs are great incentives for your husky trying to get out of the yard. If you are getting a new husky soon, or have gotten one recently, then it is still important to make sure your yard is nice and secure.

We can’t go over it

The generally accepted height for fences is 1.8 metres (about 6 feet). If possible try to avoid having anything that can be used as paw holds, as anything that they can get their paw onto will help give them a leg up.

The best solution is the good neighbour fencing that is used in many new developments.

We can’t go under it

We all know huskies and mals are diggers, and if a husky is set on getting out of the yard then under the fence is likely the way they’ll go.

We have buried concrete sleepers underneath all of our fences to ensure there are no gaps, and have then buried chicken wire down underneath that.

The front fences (that gave direct access to the road) is a little more secured. At these points we dug a trench of our own and poured our own concrete to make it fully secure.

We’ll have to go through it

Gates and weaker chain link fences are quite susceptible to these dogs. Weaker chain link fences can be worn down along the edges, and holes can develop. And gates sometimes have weaknesses that allow the dog to open them if not secured.

Our gate (that blocks off the garden along the side of the house) was open within minutes of Tayla being left out alone. We spied on her from a window and found that she put her paw on the bottom of the gate and shook back and forth until it opened. The answer was simple, just put something through the hole in the latch so that it can’t be opened.

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