Do dogs recognize themselves in the mirror?

Research shows that apes do, for instance. Monkeys often behave as if they are seeing another monkey in the mirror at first, sometimes they even try to look behind it, but soon enough they start taking a closer look at their reflection.

When it comes to dogs, they can’t help but think that they are simply seeing another dog in the mirror.

Especially if it’s their first time looking at their reflection❇️

In the end, dogs usually simply get used to seeing that other dog in the mirror and stop paying any attention to it.

A mirror becomes an object that is not worth time and effort looking into!

Dogs don’t really look at themselves in the mirror likes apes do.

Fun fact❗️

Except for monkeys, there are only two animals that demonstrate signs of recognizing their reflection in the mirror – elephants 🐘and dolphins 🐬.

This, however, doesn’t make dogs seem any less smart in our eyes, does it?

At the end of the day, dogs tamed humans🙌 to get help with tasks that they can’t do themselves.

How does your dog react to his/her reflection in the mirror? 🔻

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