Have you ever wondered what kind of dreams our dogs see? Do they chase cats and squirrels in their sleep?

It is a proven fact that mammals, dogs included, have the same sleep cycle as people. So, they experience a deep sleep phase when the brain starts functioning slower, and then the phase of quick eye movement. The last phase of the cycle is the time when people usually dream.

What do our pets see in their dreams?

People usually dream about something they did or thought about during the day, although dreams are of course always less logical than reality.
There is no reason to assume that animals are any different from us in this regard. And since dogs are usually very attached to their owners, they will most probably dream about our faces, the way we smell and things we did together.

It’s obvious that our dogs can be doing something in their dreams, when they are moving their legs, for example 😉

And even though we don’t really know to what extent our pets’ dreams are connected with their relationship with us, we can try to make their dreams nicer.

How? By spending as much time as possible doing something nice with them, as well as by making sure that our dogs have a safe and comfortable place to sleep. This is the way to guarantee our dogs pleasant dreams about their favorite people.

What have you noticed in your dog? What does your pet see in his/her sleep? 👇