What Dog To Choose, If You Still Don’t Have One

What Dog To Choose

What Dog To Choose, If You Still Don’t Have One

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
What Dog To Choose ?
This day, when a dog appears at your home, can be the most significant day for you and your family. But sometimes, when cute puppies grow up, they become a real problem. Cruel owners or just owners, who are no able to be responsible for another living creature, leave their dogs on streets or give them to other people. In most cases, it happens for one simple reason – we don’t take into account a lifestyle and habits of each specific breed. That’s why before getting a dog, think if you can give the dog enough attention and care.
In order to know What Dog To Choose, you should decide for what purpose you want to have a pet. You want to have a guard dog, a great companion, or just a little gentle four-footed friend. Be sure to analyze whether your desires fit abilities. Think if you will be able to raise the dog properly, train him and become a good owner.

Presence of dogs in the house requires:
*additional spend of money and time;
*piles on the carpet and shoes and “renewal” of furniture;
*sometimes appearance of a four-footed friend requires complete change of a daily routine, are you ready for this?
*please check that members of your family don’t have an allergy to dog’s hair.

If you never had dogs before, agressive breeds are not the best option for you, as they will challenge your right to leadership.
Dogs for protection
Dogs can be perfect guards and scare criminals more than burglar alarms and video surveillance cameras.If you want to choose a dog to guard the house, the first thing to consider is needs and size of the animal. Guard dogs need a lot of space to play and train. The ideal place for such dogs is an aviary, not chains.
You must be sure that your guard dog has:
*daily walking, preferably without a leash;
*daily training;
*strict regime of feeding.

Dogs for hunting
Choosing a breed for hunting is choosing a great companion. Such dogs are perfect for large families with small kids. They seek to dominate and please their owners. Hunting dogs need constant motion and active games with the family outdoors. They can live both at home and in the apartment, but these dogs need daily jogging and outdoor games.

Decorative dogs
Decorative dogs are ideal for living in apartments. They are small, affectionate, beautiful and gentle.However, as all other dogs they need education and training. If you are always busy at work, decorative dogs are not for you, because they require a lot of attention.

*A lazy or busy at work person can’t fit needs of active dogs, who require a lot of attention and training.
*Small, decorative puppies can not stand hard, active training.
*A man with a gentle nature should not get a big dog with a fighting character, because the dog will feel weakness of the owner.