Dogs Diseases Associated With Overweight

Dogs Diseases
Dogs Diseases

Dogs Diseases Associated With Overweight

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Just like humans, dogs have problems with overweight and obesity. You might think that your puppy is so cute, when he is chubby. But in fact, being chubby is dangerous for your dog. Overweight is an additional load on all internal organs, which causes various Dogs Diseases  and can lead to death. Every dog owner should understand it.

In this article you can find the list of most common Dogs Diseases , which occur as a consequence of dog’s obesity.


The most common consequence of dog’s obesity is diabetes. Obesity increases the glucose level, and in response the organism produces high amounts of insulin. When the organism can’t produce enough amount of insulin, dogs start suffering from diabetes.

Problems with joints and bones – Dogs Diseases

! 25% of dogs with overweight have serious joint damage!

When dogs move, their bones, joints, muscles and ligaments work simultaneously. If they have to carry extra weight, all their bones and joints start to hurt. This extra weight can also lead to arthritis, hip dysplasia and other diseases of the skeletal system.

Some dog breeds, for example, dachshunds, have a tendency of vertebra displacement, and overweight only increases this possibility.

Heart diseases and high blood pressure – Dogs Diseases

Dogs with excess weight have increased blood pressure. The load on heart increases as well, and the dog can gain congestive heart failure.

Difficult breathing -Dogs Diseases

Excess fat in the chest does not allow lungs to expand, while excess fat in the abdomen puts pressure on the diaphragm. Moreover, a large number of tissues in the organism need more oxygen, what gives more loads on lunges and the diaphragm.

Reduced liver functioning -Dogs Diseases

If the dog has overweight, large amount of fat goes to liver and causes hepatic lipidosis and reduction of liver functioning.

Problems with reproductive system -Dogs Diseases
Obese dogs often have problems, being on labor, and need help of the vet to do a cesarean.

Low immunity -Dogs Diseases

Dog’s obesity decreases resistance to viral and bacterial infections. And, of course, it causes problems with the immune system.

Diseases of skin and dog’s coat -Dogs Diseases

Excess fat increases the possibility of skin and coat diseases. Thick skin forms folds that can be perfect places for various infections.

Increased risk of cancer development -Dogs Diseases

Obese dogs have a tendency of cancer appearing (including bladder cancer). According to some researches, dogs, which were obese during the first year of their lives, had increased risk of breast cancer development.

Diseases of the digestive system -Dogs Diseases

Obesity increases risk of constipation and gas accumulation in the intestine.  It also leads to meteorism, what is unpleasant for your dog and for you.

Reduced life expectancy -Dogs Diseases

It is obvious that obese dogs make more efforts to play, run and breathe. They become very irritable in hot weather and other discomfort conditions. As a rule, dogs with excess fat die earlier than their brothers with optimal weight.

Do you want your dog to have a long and healthy life? Then next time, when these big brown eyes will tell you “please, give me more food”, think carefully.

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