Why Dogs Eat Grass And Other Interesting Facts About Dogs

Dogs Eat Grass
Dogs Eat Grass

Why Dogs Eat Grass And Other Interesting Facts About Dogs

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Why dogs eat grass? There are 2 theories about this fact. Cynologists believe that dogs eat grass, when they have deficiency of needed biological elements. Apparently, just homemade food doesn’t contain enough vitamins for our dogs, and if you don’t give your dog additional minerals and supplies, the dog can start eating grass. And it’s normal.

Others think that dogs eat grass and vomit, when they have problems with the stomach and need to clean it.

Probably, both versions might be right. Just don’t worry, if you see your dog eating grass. It’s absolutely normal in the dog’s world!

Why dogs have a cold nose?

First reason of this interesting fact is that dogs constantly lick their noses to clear them. The second reason – a nose of a dog contains glands, secreting fluid and helping to cool the body.

! Wet and cool noses are a sign of dog’s health. If the nose is dry and hot, it means that the dog is sick.

Why dogs bury bones?

You bought a bone for the dog, and he buries it in the garden instead of eating his delicious bone in front of the TV.

Don’t worry! It doesn’t mean that your pet didn’t like the present!

Even domestic dogs have instincts. They try to hide delicious bones for later, just in case. Having the same instincts and intentions, we hide last ice-cream in a fridge or a bottle of wine in a cupboard.

Why dogs have mustache?

First of all, you are the one, who can have mustache, and dogs have vibrissae. But to make it simple, we can call these things (vibrissae) mustache. Dogs depend on vibrissae or mustache less then cats, but it doesn’t mean they don’t need them at all. Vibrissae help dogs to determine the direction of smell, navigate them in the dark and maintain balance.

How to introduce a new dog to an old pet?

  • You can’t do it at home. It’s better to choose neutral territory, for example, a park or a square.
  • Don’t push pets to communicate. Patiently wait till dogs start exploring each other.
  • But if you really can’t wait, speak with dogs cheerfully, because dogs can feel intonations of the human voice.
  • You can take dogs home,when you see that they communicate normally.

Why dogs can’t stand tobacco smoke?

Dogs have a strong sense of scent. There are some smells, which they like and don’t like. Dogs can not stand the smell of citrus,vinegar, pepper and tobacco. Because of the tobacco smoke they  can get a variety of respiratory diseases, allergies and lung cancer.

Why dogs should eat homemade food, but not chocolate and sweets?

Dogs can not eat chocolate because it contains theobromine, which is toxic for dogs and other pets and can lead to serious poisoning and stomach diseases.

Can dogs be jealous?

Studies show that dogs can be jealous. They produce oxytocin, which is responsible for the expression of love and its associated emotions.

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