Why Dogs Eat Stones And Feces Reasons and solutions

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Why they eat stones?
It is very difficult to fight with a habit to swallow stones and other non-food items. If you just curse for that dogs, it will not give you any result. Dogs eat a lot of strange things such as feces, their own or other animals. Even when for us it’s really unpleasant, it is a relatively normal behavior, especially for young dog.

It’s worse when dogs are trying to eat an inorganic substance that certainly can’t be digested. Stones represent an example of inedible objects that dogs eat. Chewing stones can be dangerous for teeth of young dogs and soft tissue of the oral cavity. It can lead to intestinal obstruction, vomiting and diarrhea. As a result, in the larynx, trachea, bronchi or lungs there is an inflammatory process that causes coughing with blood. The dog may even suffocate, if the stone is too large.

Why they eat feces?
Some dog breeds to eat their own feces or feces of other dogs. It sounds disgusting for us, but dogs have their own reasons for such behavior. The most common reason for such behavior is lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet of your dog. they can eat feces, because it helps digestion and creates the necessary intestinal flora due to re-ingestion of the bacteria contained. What you have to do in such case is to buy vitamins in the nearest pet store.

There can be so many reasons, starting from health problems to behavioral problems. Eating stones and feces, dogs also try to get more attention from their owners.
Medical reasons of this behavior include disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, the deficiency of some nutrients, such as iron, as well as diabetes and other diseases. Veterinarian can help you to determine whether perverted appetite is a result of of any health problems in your dog or he is just trying to get your attention.

Perverted appetite is not limited only with stones and ferces. Dogs can start eating other inedible things like gum, carpets, ropes, pieces of wood, etc.
Always keep with yourself few chewy toys and change them every few days. For example, give your dog 3 toys and hide others, next day give other toys and the dog will always have something new to chew.
If you caught the dog eating stones, try to scare him with a loud noise and praise, when he stops eating everything from streets.
We have to pay more attention to our dogs and play with them on the open air. Tired dogs will not have any power to eat different nasties.
Finally, consult a veterinarian about changing a diet of your dog. The vet may also prescribe medication to treat the perverted appetite, and if necessary, refer you to a specialist in dogs behavior habits. Walking, keep your dog on a leash, to prevent him from swallowing something dangerous. If the dog walks in the yard, remove all stones and other dangerous objects as well.

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