Dogs Facts Which You Might Never Heard Before

Dogs Facts

Dogs Facts which you might never heard before.

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Dogs Facts 1- Dogs can smell and feel the approaching storm.
Have you ever noticed how strangely your dog behaves without any reason, and few hours later the storm begins?  It happens because dogs can feel changing weather before people may feel. Due to their excellent hearing, dogs can hear higher and lower frequencies. Dogs also have more acute sense of smell. Noses of dogs are so sensitive that can detect the smell faster than a human nose. Dogs are generally more sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure. The next time you notice that your dog behaves strangely, close the window, because there will be a storm soon!

Dogs Facts 2- Dogs are born blind, deaf and toothless.
Dogs are born completely helpless. They are blind, deaf, toothless and just adorable. In the first week of their lives, puppies spend 90 percent of time dreaming, and the remaining 10 percent eating. Their eyes open, when puppies are about two weeks, having a strong will to explore the surrounding world. Approximately at the same time their ears begin to function too.

Dogs Facts 3- Prints of dogs noses are equivalent to fingerprints of humans.
If you look at a dog’s nose, you may notice lines forming patterns, just like our fingerprints.

Dogs Facts 4 – Dogs see dreams, just as people.
Anyone, who has ever had a dog, noticed how he squints and twitches, while sleeping. Dogs have dreams and their dreams are, in fact, very similar to ours. Larger species of dogs have dreams once in 45-60 minutes, but the duration of each dream is about 5-10 minutes. Small breeds dream every 10 minutes, but the duration of their dreams is only a minute. Puppies and older dogs have dreams more often than middle-aged dogs.

Dogs Facts 5- Wagging tail has its own language.
People usually have a misconception that wagging tail means happiness or excitement. Despite the fact that wagging tail does mean all these things, it can also be a sign that the dog is frightened or feels insecure. Pay more attention to the way your pet wags his tail, because it’s the way of communication with you.

Dogs Facts 6- Dogs sweat not like we do it.
Dogs get rid of excess heat by rapid breathing, so many people think that they sweat through the mouth, but it is not true. Their skin and armpit area don’t contain sweat gland, that’s why they sweat through their paws.

Dogs Facts 7- Body language is much more effective than words
It’s a very widespread phenomenon that people talk to dogs, as if they were people.  We like to talk with our pets, but they clearly don’t understand it at all. For sure they understand certain words, such as “walk” or “sit”, but it is difficult for dogs to understand the fullness of verbal communication. Dogs notice your body language much better, than what we tell them. When you say to a dog to stay at the place, it’s better to lean forward to him, and he will definitely understand your command.

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