This Dog Is Horribly Wounded! Will Someone Rescue Him?

Written by : Mkay
This beautiful dog is waiting for his home , but there are so many dogs in shelters already and it doesn’t seem that he has good chances in a life that he deserves.  This dog was found in early November, this year. He was found in a bad condition
and he had a very huge wound on his hip. He was abandoned and abused. Why on Earth would people do that? How could someone dare to treat animals in that cruel way , and inhumane!
This puppy was taken in by the San Bernardion CAC ( City Animal Control ).
These wounds have been only a few days old, but who can just imagine the trauma and pain that he has gone through?? No one deserve this , no matter what he or she does! This poor puppy gone through hell. There is nothing on this planet that anyone would do that made him to deserve this!

This poor dog has suffered for who knows for what , and who knows for how long… And he is waiting for another chance…Just someone or some rescue, that is only
that he needs.

Volunteers met and spent time with this beautiful dog , and they said that he is wonderful and sweet dog.

Will someone give him a chance in a life that he deserves? Will that person arrive at the right time? People who dedicate their time to rescuing abandoned dogs are the best kind of people in the world!