Every dog needs to be both physically and mentally active

When it comes physical activity, it’s important for a dog, regardless of the size, to get at least 2 hours of walking daily. It doesn’t matter if your dog is a little Yorkshire terrier or a strong Irish Wolfhound, a phlegmatic Chow-chow or a choleric terrier. The more time you can spend walking your dog – the better!

While on a walk, our dogs get physically tired, and experience things that their brain then actively processes – so, walks count as a bit of a mental exercise too.

But, unfortunately, only physical activity will never suffice.

Let’s look at people: we can run around playing soccer, or go to the gym, and all of this is great, we enjoy it, our body produces endorphins, we get tired, but… it’s just not enough.

If we go the gym every day, we are likely to get bored very soon, and realize how nice it would be to read a book, visit a museum, talk to interesting people, even just play sudoku – anything to spice it up a bit. Dogs are just like us – they also need mental activity.

A bit of statistics for you: 15 minutes of mental exercises equal an active hour-and-a-half-long walk.

This doesn’t mean that we can train our dog for 15 minutes and then walk outside just for 30 minutes, no. Dogs still need to run and behave like dogs: sniff around, communicate with others.

So many dogs have to spend a lot of time at home, with barely enough physical activity now. But there’s a solution!

Interactive games are all about the combinations of different labyrinths, drawers, other things, that dogs have to open in order to find a treat.

We’ll tell you more about the simplest interactive games that you can quickly organize at home in our future posts! Stay tuned!

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