Facts About Dogs, Don’t Offend Them


These creatures are indeed man’s best friends, until they make mess on a new carpet.  In this article we will talk about the most fascinating and mind-blowing scientific facts about dogs and their relation to man. You spend thousands on the new carpet, but it turns out that it’s their toilet already…

There are no aggressive by nature breeds

Thanks to movies, some breeds have gained a reputation of quite aggressive pets in relation to other people, insisting that it is their nature. However, studies, conducted by the University of Cordoba, have claimed  that no breed of dog is aggressive by nature, it all depends on the owner.

 Dogs are able to detect the presence of other dogs

Studies have shown that dogs feel in two different ways.  On one side of the dog, and on the side of any other living creature. During the experiment animals correctly identified another dog breed.

Dog intelligence is comparable to two years old kid

Dog’s intelligence varies depending on the breed, but the average dog can learn up to 165 words, count to five and even show signs of arithmetic knowledge. Some may even mislead other dogs or people, if they have the appropriate stimulus.

Dogs are able to distinguish people’s emotions

Dogs are the only animal species after man, who are able to distinguish other people’s emotions in addition to their own species. During tests top and bottom parts of the human face were shown to dogs, and they were able to identify emotions more often than would be expected from random guessing.