Games: why play with your dog?

It is during a game that we deepen a dog’s connection with a human, and work on a whole variety of things: eagerness to communicate, motivation, attention span, change of focus, processes of excitement and relaxation. Games allow us to organize a wholesome training process that includes the practice of all crucial skills.

This is exactly how our dogs take a liking to these training sessions and look forward to them. They are sure they are simply playing, while in reality our four-legged friends are working hard!

With the help of games, we can correct our dogs’ problematic behavior and their most basic states.

If a dog is shy, nervous, inactive and is always looking for the owner’s helping hand, games can help to work on shyness and become more active and confident.

The more our dogs know about the world, the more they can control it. And the more they can control it, the less scary it gets.

There is a huge number of games that we can play with our dogs. Among them are:

• motivation-developing games (aimed at boosting the dog’s desire to work with the owner)

• impulse-control-developing games (which are all about staying calm at the sight of ducks, running cats, or children eating ice-cream)

• initiative-developing games (they teach our dogs to be proactive, not get upset or give up if something doesn’t work, and instead to try over and over again)

• games aimed at perfect recall

• games aimed at not taking objects off the ground

• trick games

• interactive games to overcome boredom

• search games
• shaping games (guessing games)

• games aimed at physical development, balance and the sense of body in space

You can always see how useful these games are for yourself! Download our #everydoggy app from the link in our profile bio, and practice them with your four-legged friend! All of our lessons are based on using games and playful interaction.

Your dog will love it!🐶
You can also find some simple games to play in our “Games” highlight.

✔️What kind of games do you play with your pup?👇

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