Hero Dog Was Born With Two Rear Legs!

written by : Maky
A Hero Dog ! His name is Duncan. He was born with a deformed pelvis and two rear legs. He had to have two legs amputated in a surgery. Despite his disability, this dog didn’t realize that e is different.He played with other dogs like every puppy or dog would do. Everything started when the founder of PPR ( Panda Paws Rescue)  in Vancouver , Amanda spotted this poor dog in Colorado.

In that moment , she immediately decided to help him. He just simply inspired her!  She wanted to give him happier and healthier life.

This dog got to Vancouver, and he was assessed by Orthopedic vet who decided that they should amputate his legs , because he couldn’t walk on them . She knew that her boxer is strong , and that he won’t give up.

“He is my hero! ” . Amanda told. ” He is very strong and i know that he will continue to face with every obstacle to come with grace and perseverance! ”

Even he has this disability , this dog just kept playing and running like nothing happened. His story will inspire everyone who will read it and watch it.  You can watch this amazing story ( Video link below ) . This dog got a plenty of offers to get a doggie wheelchair, but in fact he doesn’t need it! He is running like any healthy dog . His disability provides him with a strenght to live happily !

His first trip on the beach!  Disability is nothing for this dog!

1. Duncan Lou Who enjoyed his first trip to the beach earlier this year!

Disability is nothing when it comes to Duncan! 

3. ...he doesn't seem to need or want one, preferring to get around on his own two legs!

His owner should be proud that she rescued him! She should be proud because she has an inspirational and strong dog!No matter what problem we have , we should deal with it like this dog dealt!  hare this inspirational story with everyone ! We need to be thankful for what we have!!

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