how many ways to call your dog are too many?

So, how many ways to call your dog are too many?

There’s a rule that applies to small puppies: while our dogs are still little and only learning their name, we should call them by the same name all the time, so that we don’t confuse them🙈

However, so many dog owners will tell you that they use all kinds of nicknames for their beloved pets ❤️

And that’s true – dogs often start perceiving any nice words addressed to them as their own names.

🐶Some dogs will respond to dozens of different nicknames! There are cases when owners even make little books of the words they use to call their dogs.

Where all of these different nicknames originate from is a complicated question that even owners themselves often can’t answer😊

It must be a very spontaneous artistic outburst that is impossible to analyze.

How do you call your dog? Share with us in the comment section below!
Ready, set, GO ⬇️

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