I got a dog.. and regretted it

I got a dog.. and regretted it

So, you’ve always dreamt of bringing a loyal four-legged friend home, and the moment finally arrived – you got a dog and… your dream became your worst horror,

Your dog doesn’t behave as you expected, and requires you to make sacrifices you are not ready to make…

▫️So, why is it that people regret getting a dog?

🔹They simply weren’t ready.

The dream of being met at door by a perfectly trained, well-behaved dog, walking in the park and enjoying life was crashed by the harsh reality.
Pee spots, fur everywhere, whining, no opportunity to relax and leave a plate on the table, to visit friends or go to the movies…

🔹You chose the wrong breed, influenced by trends.

As a result, your Jack-Russel-Terrier, Beagle or Husky are sitting at home, howling and ruining the apartment, a Dalmatian runs away first chance they get, an Akita-Inu doesn’t want to follow commands for some reason, an Airedale Terrier is not at all like that amazing Labrador next-door that you love so much (and you thought all dogs are like that), and it turns out that German Shepherds are not born Commissar Rexes…

🔹You got a dog with a specific goal in mind, but he/she didn’t live up to your hopes. For example, a “talented” puppy turned out to be less talented than what experts thought, too kind or not courageous enough to “work” as a bodyguard.

🔺What to do?

⚪️After realizing that their usual lifestyle is not going to work for the comfort of both themselves and the dog, many people change their lives to find a place for a dog in it.

If you think that you are ready to work, you can learn along with your pet and accept him/her the way they are, changing your own approach.

⭐️ To understand your dog, you can hire a dog trainer or train your pup yourself, improve your dog’s life conditions and correct his/her behavior. #everydoggy app will help with that ❤️

🔺But if you are sure that you are totally not ready to share your home with a dog, you can also find a new family for him/her. Some would consider it betrayal, but this option is much fairer and better than suffering for years, feeling nothing but annoyance and anger, taking it out on an innocent animal.

What do you think? 🔻