1. This little baby just really wanted a change!

2. This puppy just kept getting more FLUFFIER!


4. These two weren’t HAPPY about the new rule execution:

Dog food doesnt grow on trees from r/aww

5. They really are vibing though:

6. Muffin seems to enjoy her Belly Rub so much!


8. LOOK, the gorgeous glory of the Booty:

I’ve taken too many photos of my corgi’s butt over the past few years. from r/aww

9. He might be small, but he is SMART!!

What he lacks in agility he makes up for in brains from r/aww

10. Otis is going ~crömnch~:

11. See how this dog family grew up!!!!!!!!!!!

When I warned my mom against getting another dog when she already has one she said “I want to grow my dog family”. Now that I’ve seen the puppy, I understand. from r/aww

12. New creatures are known as the “Froggo Doggo” was found:

13. This little dumpling moved to a new home!

Foster dad Mack loves his babies from r/aww

14. This angel took his new foster father responsibilities *TOO* seriously!

Foster dad Mack loves his babies from r/aww

15. And finally, EARTH STARTED TO HEAL!👏