Terror can be the reason behind a lot of problems on the planet. We usually draw conclusions based on the first look without thinking carefully about the whole situation. This occurs with almost everything. So, the Molina Local Police in Spain dealt with something similar to this.

They got a lot of calls from people who all claimed they saw a loose lion roaming without anyone in the area. People said it’s large and scary.

Lion Found Loose In Spain Turned Out To Be A Dog With Lion Haircut
Photo credit: Twitter / Policía Local Molina de Segura

The police started to search immediately with caution, they even called animal control to deal with this dangerous situation. They were making sure everyone is safe. They were concerned about the situation and the search took a long time as well as they said on Twitter.

Thus, it turned out to be something very unexpected, although it seemed to be a scary lion, it was a large dog with a weird grooming cut.

They heard him barking when they approached him, that’s why they figured out it’s a dog. Then, they found his microchip.

Photo credit: Twitter / Policía Local Molina de Segura

Translation: “We got several calls this morning saying that there is a loose lion roaming in the Huerta area, other people saw a ‘weird animal’, however, we finally scanned his microchip and it turned out to be… a dog. And we knew his owner.”

They asked people to calm down and not to be scared as there was no lion in the area. They also decided to laugh with the owner a little. Twitter users laughed and the tweet went viral. It’s not known yet if the owner is the one who cut his dog’s fur like this or not. People just hope he would fix the haircut asap as it makes a lot of people scared.