You Didn’t Know These Differences! Male And Female Dogs

Written by: Mkay
Anatomically, male and female dogs are different of course , but you’ve probably asked yourself what are the behavioral differences between them? Could be one gender more intelligent that the other?  In most of the cases , a dog behavior usually depends on his training and upbringing.  Love, aggression , devotion and the other traits are fostered by a dog’s environment.

Moody swings between them?
It’s obviously that both of genders have mood swings, but male dogs tend to be more emotionally secure than females dogs. They are less prone to emotional swings. Female dogs are very sensitive, and they are more prone to mood swings.Male dogs are more aggessive than females. Female dogs can be very loving and happy  when they are in mood , and they can be grumpy and sad if something isn’t to their liking. Female dogs can be very clever and manipulative when they are trying to convince you for something.

Breed characteristics

This can also affect on their behavioral tendencies, the following examples are:

If you have Rottweiler , female Rottweiler is usually sweeter and more obedient than a male Rottweiler.
In breeds like the Shetland Sheepdog , males may tend to be more skittish and approachable.

The researchers wanted to find out if dogs , like human , have the ability to understand the concept of object permanence. The study involved about fifty dogs , various breeds have been included (Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, German Shepherds … ) The research has shown the following:

According to this test , female dogs may be more visually-oriented than a male dogs. Female dogs can immediately notice any difference , researchers concluded that the female dogs noticed immediate change ( superior coginitive abilities ) , while
male dogs appeared unaware to any change.

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