Man Who Didn’t Like Tiny Dogs Gets Rescued By A Chihuahua, Now Dedicates His Life To Them

Man Who Didn’t Like Tiny Dogs Gets Rescued By A Chihuahua, Now Dedicates His Life To Them

We all have a soft spot for dogs, even big men do. We just don’t understand this spot until we have a special experience. Bobby Humphreys was always making fun of tiny dogs, he didn’t like them at all. He spent his life at the gym or setting up hardwood floors.

He also likes Rottweilers because of the powerful and rough appearance they have. So, he got 3 of them

However, the unexpected transformation happened to the story on New Year’s eve when his wife left. After one week, he was hurt in the shoulders while exercising at the gym and he needed surgery.

He fell into depression as he didn’t find anyone to lean on.

Humphreys said that he is a very sensitive person and that his wife was considered the world for him. He felt lost, started drinking a lot, and was in the worst place of his life.

After that, he recovered from his shoulder injury, he tried to recover psychologically as well. However, the depression was very strong and hard to beat. Everything was bad until he had a phone call from a friend saying that he wants him to take care of his dog for a while.

The dog breed was a chihuahua, her name is Lady. As Humphreys doesn’t like them, he didn’t want her but he decided to help his friend after he was with his through his hard times. Then, one day, he arrived home to find her out of her kennel and positioned in front of the TV.

He said that after 15 minutes he decided to take her out of the kennel for good, he didn’t care if she will bite him or not. She got very happy about that and stayed on his lap. Through the following months, Lady and Humphreys knew each other very well.

Lady didn’t just change his opinion, she also changed his life! He said that she did everything for him, she gave him his dignity and self-respect back. After all, he has been through shame, humiliation, abandonment, and all that happened before she assured him that he was not a bad person after all.

Also, he said that this dog had been aggressive to a lot of people, she also used to bite everyone who comes near her. Yet she didn’t do that with him even once!

Then, he had Harley, she looked a lot like Lady and she reminded him of her. He always thought that these dogs are so ugly and no one will ever get them. So, he decided to have them

He expressed how sad he was after his life with society went bad and life didn’t get him what he wants. So, he understood how hard these dogs feel and that’s why de decided to rescue them from loneliness and abandonment and show them the love he didn’t get.

Soon people started to approach him to seek help about horrible dog cases. However, these terrible accidents only motivated Bobby. He decided to promise every one of these dogs that they will never experience abuse, abandonment, pain, or neglect.

Over time, his passion evolved into starting a shelter. The idea of it was very simple: He decided to take all the unwanted dogs and make them feel special with the life they always wanted.

If this is not a life transformation, what is?