This is Piper  Airport Dog  a seven-year border collie. He is an employee of Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan, USA.

Piper the Airport Dog  has to repel birds from runways, so they don’t interfere ups and landings of airplanes. Piper started working in the airport since January 2015, and nowadays he works from 4:00 am to 14:30.

His owner Brian Edwards works at the airport  as an inspector since 2008.

Edwards and Piper started their work from cleaning adjacent to the airport areas. They made sure that there are no deer, foxes and other animals around.

Piper has cool light reflecting sunglasses, it helps him to work.

Airport Dog
Airport Dog

Airport attracts whole flocks of Canadian geese and other waterfowl. And Piper makes sure that these birds don’t come to the runway.

Supervisor of Edwards announces when there is a bird or a flock on the airport territory, and Piper runs to scare birds.

Airport Dog
Airport Dog

“I teach him new things every day”, – said Edwards. Now he teaches Piper to get used to helicopters. According to his words, Piper must be prepared for any emergency case.

Airport Director Kevin Klein said that, although the program K-9 just started on the airport territory, he personally noticed that there are less animals and birds nearby.

“There is nothing better than working with your best friend”,- said Edwards.

Video Source : Best Travel Destination