On January, ninth, occupants of a Texas Neighborhood called the police about a free dog that alarmed them and caused them to feel caught at their homes.

The dog was walking around the complex without an aim, and nobody recognized what or who was the dog searching for.

Deputy Leah Sipe reacted to the call and immediately went to the high rise close to the convergence of Aldine Westfield Road and Woodcreek Lane.

According to the call, Sipe probably anticipated a more genuine experience. But, when she appeared, they offered the dog a bag of food to drag him to the vehicle and was agreeably shocked when the dog quickly came over.

The pup immediately hopped into her watch vehicle and warmed up to her, and Sipe immediately discovered that she may have quite recently met the most friendly dog ever.

She reached animal control that couldn’t react at the same time of the call. She at that point asked an off the clock official and partner to deal with the puppy until Animal Control could dominate, and they happily did as such.

She then shared pictures of the dog on social media, saying that he is the “good-est boy” she has ever seen.

The dog was back to his owner eventually, and as it turned out, the dog was lost for about a week and was just searching for his way home.

What a cute dog! His face is just like an angle.