Not Everyone Would Take Days To Save A Rottweilers Life, But This Man Did!

Dogs Before And After

the sadly facts that we have millions of homeless Rottweiler around the world , some of them end up in shelters but the other not , but there is always good peoples out there make small difference when they can , our story is especially Amazing due to the two months of dedication this man showed to a stray Rottweiler

Please share this video and Rottweiler story on facebook and other social media. I am not going to monetize this youtube channel or this dogs pain. Her story should be used to raise awareness for the blight of stray animals. I give permission for all blogs, TV shows, and websites to use my videos and her story compensation free. I will not sign any of the exclusive contracts that media marketing firms have e-mailed me. I appreciate everyones concern, support, and kind words. Thank you.

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