Physical Development Of Dogs : Rules And Methods

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Physical activity is good for everybody, without any exceptions. It helps to have a good physical shape, be less sick and live a long and healthy life. Dogs, which keep an active lifestyle, live longer.And adequate physical exercise is useful for dog’s mental comfort as well.

Nowadays, most of modern domestic dogs suffer from a lack of activity.  The animal’s energy is not released and finds its way out in the destructive behavior. For example, if a dog is not taken for a walk every day, ha can start constantly barking or even damage things at home.


Basic principles of dog’s physical training and development

  • Physical activity should be commensurate with the age and condition of the dog. It  is important to ensure that the dog doesn’t overdo exercises and doesn’t feel pain.
  • Take care of the dog’s safety. For example, long walks require the presence of a long leash. Don’t release the dog from a leash in an unfamiliar place. Being afraid of something or fascinated, dogs can lose a landmark and get lost.
  • Don’t feed the dog before an active walk or immediately after it, but be sure to have enough water for your pet during the walk.
  • Dogs must be tired after exercises, not exhausted. If your dog refuses to walk or to run and sits or lies down on the ground, heavily breathing, don’t force him. Overloads will only hurt the dog’s body.



A great option for active owners. Take a dog with you for a run, and it will maintain his good physical shape and discipline his character.

Ride on the bicycle (for advanced athlete dogs)

Dogs must be physically ready to such loads. If you have a Rottweiler or a Pit bull with obvious signs of obesity, forget about this idea and choose more gentle ways of training.

Such overload can be fatal for unprepared, older, overweight dogs.

Active games

If your friends also have dogs, why don’t you all take your pets for a walk?

Dogs will socialize, play with each other. Moreover, you and your friends will be able to have a rest and little chat.

Just one playing with other dogs won’t be so useful for the dog’s physical condition, that’s why it’s important to do it constantly.

Choose the right company for your dog, and he will be pleased and happy.


If you live near a river or sea, use summer seasons for dog’s training in water. But don’t forget about safety rules. Check the water first, so the dog will not be injured by a broken glass or other debris. Don’t let dogs swim in the swampy area, because there are snags and other hazards inside.

Most of dogs love to swim, and if your pet is an exception, help him to overcome the fear of water. Play near the water’s edge, gradually leading him further.Playing with his favorite ball, the dog will go into the water further and further. Just don’t force the pet.

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