Puppy play styles: how our dogs play

What are puppy play styles?
1. “Catch me if you can!”: puppies chase each other and switch roles from time to time.

If both puppies like only chasing or running away, the game won’t be very effective. It’s important to monitor the way puppies are playing and make sure that both of them are enjoying the game. It means that the chaser shouldn’t turn into a crazy stalker, and the runner – into a horrified escaping victim.

2. «Street dancing». In this game, puppies touch each other with their paws and sometimes push each other with their croups, jump and run in circles around each other.

3. «Friendly bites». Dogs lightly bite each other’s necks or other parts of the body. They can also growl a bit and demonstrate their beautiful sets of teeth. You, as an owner, should monitor the puppies’ body language to avoid the game turning into a fight.

4. “Freestyle wrestling”. One of the puppies runs and crashes into the other, and then they start playing. Keep in mind, that not all dogs are big fans of this play style.

Some will consider such impolite intrusion of private space an attack, and can even reciprocate accordingly.

It’s also important to make sure the players are not in very different weight categories. This will help avoid injuries.

🌟 Regardless of which play style your puppy likes more, you should always monitor the dogs’ body language and introduce breaks if you see that the puppies are getting too overstimulated or one of them is not enjoying the game anymore.

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