Dogs can smell, see, and hear things we can’t, which is the reason they generally appear to be out in front of you finding them know the place of the treats container.

Researchers have as of late found that dogs, in fact, have a hidden sense that we didn’t think about, yet it’s nothing we’ve thought of previously.

Researchers at Sweden’s Lund University and Hungary’s Eotvos Lorand University found that canines have a sort of infrared sensor in the tips of their noses. This sensor makes dogs recognize little changes in temperatures, for example, when a living being is close by.

Scientists Discover Dogs Have a Sixth Sense - But Not The One You Expect |

Researchers state that this can help better with seeing how predators recognize their prey when different faculties, for example, sight, hearing, or smell are stopped.

In their examination imprinted in Scientific Reports, a journal distributed by Nature Research, researchers found that the bare, wet skin surface at the tip of a pooch’s nose, which is brimming with nerve endings, filled in as an infrared sensor.

Scientists Discover Dogs Have a Sixth Sense - But Not The One You Expect |

“Dogs are able to sense the thermal radiation coming from warm bodies or weak thermal radiation and they can also direct their behavior according to this signal.

We tested whether we can find an area in the brain that shows higher activity if they are exposed to a warmer than to a colder object,” Anna Balint, lead author of the study.

They made scans on brains on the canines and they indicated brain reaction when the canines were offered items that were warmer than their surroundings – showing they can detect the change in temperature.