Siberian Husky Education Training And Care

Siberian Husky education, training and care

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
The Siberian Husky is an ancient breed of dog. These nice and strong dogs have a laughing muzzle and talking eyes. They are friendly and get along with children very well.  However, these dogs need a special approach and not suitable for everybody.

Raising a Siberian Husky puppy
Huskies are genetically prone to be highly active, and they need long walking outdoors in any weather conditions.
Living in city apartments, huskies have a better understanding of their owners and are more attached to them.  But if a dog lives in an apartment, you must take care of electrical wiring, household chemicals and other dangerous items, because they might harm your pet. Husky dogs have a pretty stubborn character and increased intelligence, so they will make a lot of efforts to find everything forbidden. Moreover, don’t let dogs sleep on the bed, as it negatively influences their growing spine.

Dogs, which live in an aviary, have better wool and general condition of the body. However, you have to make a fence, so that the dog will not try to make a tunnel or find any other way to run away. To avoid drafts, cover the walls of the enclosure with wooden shields.

Training huskies
-It’s better to start first lessons of taming, when dogs are about 4 – 6 months. This age is the best for the formation of emotional contact with the owner.
-The basic training program should be started, when the dog is about 6 months.
-Ask dogs to come, only after you place a bowl of food treats.
-The command “sit” must be repeated as often as possible.
-Playing with a husky puppy, you can hide his favorite toy and say the command “search”. The puppy will certainly try to find it.
-P.S. Be sure that the dog has his own toys, or he will chew shoes, furniture and all other items, available for teeth.
-Giving the commands to dogs, be calm and use a low tone of voice. The puppy must feel protected in his new pack  – family.

How to take care of Huskies?
Dogs of this breed have very dense and hard coat. If you don’t comb out hair of your husky regularly, the entire house will look like a fur rug. Not to let it happen, you will need a comb with wide teeth, brush and massage brush with long bristles.

Huskies also have long wool between fingers. In severe frosts this wool protects feet from freezing, but for dogs, which live in a city apartment, this wool should be cut.

Energetic huskies need appropriate feeding as well. Pick up high- calorie and easily digestible food for your dog.
Husky puppies must eat not less than 3 times a day, while for adult dogs 2 times feeding a day will be more than enough.
! Giving only homemade food to your dog, it’s important not to forget about additional vitamins to strengthen joints and bones.

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