Sports for active dogs

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Sports with active dogs is a great way to know your pet, make a contact with him and improve your and his physical condition.

Nowadays, there are many sports for dogs, and they are becoming more and more popular and widespread every year. We will not describe all varieties of dog’s sports and will focus on the most popular of them.

Dog agility

Dog agility is a dynamic Sports for active dogs , in which it’s important to demonstrate agility and the ability to work in a team of “man-dog.” The main task of this sport is to overcome the track faster than others, but the track has different obstacles (tunnel barrier, swing, slalom, etc.).

Receiving only voice commands without tactile reinforcement and food treatment, dogs  show an excellent understanding of their owners.

Any dogs can practice this sport, no matter if they are purebred or not. Height, weight, and age are not limited, but active dogs in a good physical condition usually show the best results.