There are these days when you feel that the universe is against you and everything bad happens on the same day. You are coffee spells, your keys are lost, and found after 30 minutes in your pocket, you’re at work late, and your boll yells at you because you’re late, so you have a meeting with the CEO. These animals in the pictures below seem like having one of those days, they may even seem worse than human’s worst days

Just like humans, animals also have experiences with anxiety and stress, and the way they have it differs according to their species. For example, dogs can deal with stress more than cats do, as cats can be ill if they got mentally unstable. This can cause a lot of problems in their behaviors like urinating anywhere even if they are litter-trained.

If you are wondering what can make your pet stressed, so, if your pet is a dog, it’s us who make them the most stressed, humans. When dogs grow with their owners they start to see them their pack’s leader and part of the family. So, if your dog sees you stressed or anxious they most probably will have the same state. So, you have to know that any action you do will affect your dog somehow.

Now check out below the worst days for these animals below

This kitty obviously needs human help


We know how sad it is…

Never let your kids alone with your dog


The snake won, unfortunately.

The owner used hair dye accidentally instead of the shampoo

These Animals Are Having The Worst Days Of Our Lives

He wore the chair, literally.

He just ate.. a bee.

He’s stuck in the air

Am I raising a bat????

Are you spidercat?

Hunger made her look too close to the pot on the stove

She is waiting for her favorite bowl to get out of the dishwasher

“My Husband And I Can Officially Check “Pull A Balloon String Out Of A Cat’s Butthole At 11:30 At Night” Off Our Bucket List. Finally

After he got the fish fillet he wanted to eat, he got stuck and came to seek help

This cat had a surgery and now looks like she has no pants on

After putting her face in the vase, she broke it and now she has this necklace 

What are you doing here, you fool?