This Cute Puppy Was Born With An Adorable Mustache!

All puppies are cute and lovely in their own special way, we can all agree to this. Some have big pretty eyes, some are cute and chubby, and some are fluffy and furry. They take our hearts with their shapes, sizes, clumsiness, and good energy. However, there are some puppies that are really different from any other puppy in the world. For example, some unique colors, drawings, or features.

Meet Salvador, an adorable puppy who has a very unique facial feature

She is one of 11-puppy-litter currently lives in a foster house in NY

The shelter she is in has the third number of animal admission in the country. She took the mother with her 11 puppies as stray dogs and granted them care for a couple of weeks. However, the puppies were very sick and were at serious risk if they stayed in the shelter. So, they got them out. After a week, the family was moved to a foster home directly from the shelter. Due to the collaboration of Dallas Animal Services with Hearts & Bones Rescue.

The whole family is now resting in a great foster home and getting the proper medical care and supervision.

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