when you visit  Santa Maria Assunta Church you will surprise seeing someone at the church most of the time , and guess what he is a Dog  his name is tommy and he is  German Shepherd but the reason behind this story  is really heartbreaking.

as old peoples say those who go stay in heart forever , and this is what happens with this dog , like with  hackiko the famous dog story , some dogs keep waiting there owner even after they leave our  world .

in this story  tommy the  12-year-old German shepherd sits at the alter waiting patiently with the saddest  eyes, a look that breaks hearts.

Why does Tommy do that? Because in this exact place, he saw his dear owner before she left this world.

tommy the loyal dog kept going every day to the church  for the last two months , hoping to see his friend maria his beloved owner , just for one more time He refuses to let go of her, he keeps waiting for her to come back to him again, he wants to get back to the one person he loved and trusted, he can’t believe she left him in this world all alone.

Local news paper reported that each afternoon in San Donaci, when the bells of Santa Maria Assunta church begin to toll, the 12 year old dog sets off from the village to take his place in a front row seat next to the altar.

Tommy and Maria were inseparable, he had been a rescue dog and was raised with three other rescue dogs. He followed his owner wherever she would go, he never left her side, and now he feels totally lost without her although he had been adopted by the village.

The story and the photos may break our hearts, but they are a testament of dogs’ unmatched loyalty and unconditional love. There is just nothing like a dog’s loyalty, and Tommy is a prove of that.

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